We are a Social Co-operative, born in 2015 from the fusion of two organizations both founded in 1989 in Treviso (Veneto).
Our name, “La Esse” (“s”), used to be the initial letter of the name of both the late organizations and represents the values in which we believe and the guidelines which we share.
Over 100 social workers are employed in La Esse, 75 of them are members the Cooperative.

We operate as a part of the local welfare system for the developement of the self-determination of youth, women, immigrants, families, community groups, workers and companies. We work with the more vulnerable and marginalized groups to build with them alternative life and work situations without ever losing sight of the promotion of people’s welfare and their participation in social life.
Our projects deal with acceptance and inclusion, gender equality, children support, education, community development, social tourism.

We are professionals with different social education (professional educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, sociologists, social workers, psychomotor therapists, counselors) and in our teamwork, through the exchange and enrichment between the different points of view, we are able to create innovative pathways.

Our purpose is to respond to the social needs we discover in the territory, through an approach that combines a careful reading of the territorial dynamics to the existing opportunities. We promote social innovation, change and partecipation through projects that enable people and communities to address and confront their problems and to establish new significant relationships.

We also provide services for 0-3 year children and their families, such as family nests, educational and psychomotor therapy, counseling and supportive relationship / helping relationship.

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